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About Us

Faith and Hope Patient Placement, Inc. is a home health agency, licensed by the Department of Health Services in the State of California and is Medicare Certified. We provide a better solutions to your home health needs.

We provide you a superior access to high quality choices to help make a tough decision easier. We have partnership with Independent living, assisted living communities and Board and Care homes and Hospice that can give you care that you need.

We have compassionate caregivers, RNs and LVNs that

  • Have been thoroughly screened and have background checks.
  • Are employees with workers compensation insurance.
  • Are bonded
  • Are trained and supervised by an RN Care Manager.

Our caregivers are available for:

  • Assistance with daily grooming and hygiene needs.
  • Assistance with bathing and showering
  • Assistance with walking, mobility, and prescribed exercise.
  • Preparation of nutritious meals.
  • Transportation to doctor appointments.
  • Assistance in attending outside social events.
  • Medication reminders.
  • Perform light housekeeping and homemaker services.
  • Respite care for family. (Giving your temporary relief of caretaking for your loved one full time)


Faith and Hope Patient Placement, Inc. mission is to provide the highest and consistent continuity of health care possible to support individual patients and there family in the comfort of their own home. We are committed to enhance quality of life through comprehensive home care services represented by our highly trained and dedicated health care professionals.

To be recognized by the community as a safe provider of quality, cost effective and safe home health care to the patients/clients we serve.


Healthcare brings about a cumulative effect produced by qualified doctors, dedicated nurses, social workers, chaplains and management staff that can cater to the needs of the public and provide them with excellent health care facilities and assure them the best management of their health.

Faith and Hope Patient Placement, Inc. are committed and assure you the best health and progress for you and your loved ones. Whether a home is the house you’ve lived in, or a senior retirement setting such as an independent or assisted facility we are proud to provide you with your needs.

You as our valued patient should expect our caring team to visit you at your residence regularly to assure that things are running smoothly, address any new problems, provide the patient with symptomatic management that would make them more comfortable in the process and exhibit exceptional levels of comfort for them. The love and support of family in an accustomed environment can vastly improve the recovery process significantly, more than ever following a hospital stay.

Faith and Hope Patient Placement, Inc. is thoroughly focused on a combined and disciplined approach to hospice care where we not only provide services ourselves but also instruct the family or other caregivers on how best to manage any and all physical or emotional symptoms exhibited by the patient which can include anxiety, depression, confusion or even pain.

Faith and Hope Patient Placement, Inc. can provide you services such as bathing, feeding, transporting the patient, providing them with supplies, helping with household chores and making sure that the patient always has the medical and emotional support they require.

Our Faith and Hope Patient Placement Caring Staff are thoroughly trained, we are always available for immediate response if required by the patient and make sure that every single person associated with your loved one is not only catered for but the patient themselves has a support system to help them through the cycles of their terminal illness.

Faith and Hope Patient Placement, Inc. team of individuals from different backgrounds who are emotionally involved and dedicated to assuring you and your family that you are in the best care for both the emotional and physical toll a terminal illness takes upon any family.

Our commitment to improving and providing supportive life adjustments for people with life-limiting illnesses is solid and we believe that every little thing is not only a big step to the patients happiness but also contentment for the family. Our team is committed to treating you or your loved one with complete dedication, respect, and dignity and to make sure that they are content with their surroundings as much as possible.

We commit ourselves to always be present regardless of the time or nature of need and our team is completely sincere to your betterment.


Our caregivers are hand picked and matched with your specific needs. All are specially trained to serve patients in their homes. They also have the dedication and reliability needed to provide healthcare services with the high standard of quality and commitment you and your family deserve. We understand your need to have confidence in the caregivers provided for you. All caregivers are thoroughly screened prior to being hired. This includes:

  • Local criminal background check/National criminal background check
  • DMV/License Bureau records clearance/Work authorization clearance
  • Employer reference check/Relevant work experience
  • TB screening/HEP B Vaccines


There are many people who unfortunately cannot live in their homes, for whatever reason. In such scenarios, alternative living arrangements have to be made. Today, there are several choices for individuals such as assisted living, long-term care facilities, and Board & care homes. Unfortunately, for the consumer, it is very difficult to know how to go about the process of looking for a place to live. Which is better? Assisted living or long-term care? Whom can one speak to? Where should one move? What services are available? What do all the “terms” mean? For most people searching for a residential home can be a confusing task.

To make it easier for individuals to search for alternative living arrangements, one of the best sources for information is a placement agency. Today, placement agencies can help save time and reduce the confusion. Plus, the specialists can help you pick the residence of your choice. These professionals can help you understand the costs; move in process and what services are available in the different communities.

The biggest advantage of a placement service is that they work in partnership with many assisted living, independent living, and Board & Care homes. This helps them match your needs to the right facility. Placement agencies have in-depth knowledge of the pros and cons of the different facilities and provide detailed information, which makes it a lot easier to select the right place. A placement officer will obtain a thorough personal and medical history from you and then tell you what the best options are. Further, a good placement service will take into consideration your health, any physical disability, needs and wants before deciding which is the best living home for you.
A placement agency is not a referral service - they in fact do all the work and make sure that you meet the right people (e.g. social workers and case managers) to help you decide which one serves your needs the best.

A placement service like ours does not charge the client any money- we are a free service. We never make blind referrals without first speaking to you or the facility in question. We tour all the available living homes in the area, meet with the administrator, owner and staff before we recommend the place to our client. We will be there the entire way to help you navigate the complex maze of living arrangements. Our aim is to find you a safe and sound living environment, where you will get the maximum care. We provide our clients with information on government grants, financial planning, and moving. We never settle for anything other than the best. Our job is to find our clients the best living environment possible at affordable cost.

We do understand the apprehension clients have about moving into a new residential place. Some of the things that we will discuss include 1) where you would like to live 2) what sort of environment do you prefer 3) What type of home do you prefer 4) what are your needs 5) What is your health like 6) do you have any disabilities and 7) what can you afford. In return, we provide a comprehensive background on the residential home so that you make an informed choice.

Our placement officers will help you make the decision by discussing some of the important details such as the following:

  • What is the cost of moving
  • What is the moving process like
  • Are there any hidden fees
  • What is the accommodation like
  • What types of services are available
  • What sort of food and social services are available
  • Are there any recreational or rehabilitation activities available
  • Is the place licensed
  • What are the staff like and are they licensed
  • How do they deal with sick patients
  • Do they have any affiliation with doctors or a healthcare center
  • Do they have staff 24/7

No matter what question you have, we will be more than glad to answer it for you. We do understand the apprehension and anxiety that is associated with having to live elsewhere…

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